1. paintdeath:

    john galliano by pat mcgrath

  2. izotecipotx:

    Jalal Sepehr | Iran

    #7 Water and Persian Rugs | 2004

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  7. shrbr:

    Butterfly by *katz on Flickr.

  8. paintdeath:

    Léon: “Revenge is not a good thing, it’s better to forget.”
    Mathilda: “Forget? After I’ve seen the outline of my brother’s body on the floor, you expect me to forget? I wanna kill those sons of bitches, and blow their fucking heads off!”

    Léon: The Professional (1994)

  9. foxesinbreeches:

    Photograph by František Povolný for Magazin DP, 1936

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  11. 3-winged-butterfly:

    Insuh Yoon photography

  12. continuarte:

    Jean Prouvé

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  13. raveneuse:

    Tadanori Yokoo

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  14. whore-for-couture:


    Dennis Basso Fall 2014 RTW

    Haute Couture blog :)

  15. imperialgoogie:


    Modern Packaging magazine covers, late 1950s-early 60s. Cover design: Walter Allner.

    Source: Monoscope

    Be sure to have your morning cup of acid before commencing work on modern packaging.

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